Community Development

Sharon Murphy


by Sharon D. Murphy

Resident . . . My family moved to Jay St. from Glenwood Pl. in November 1966.

My Project. . . Documentation of the Revitalization around Avondale.

Why? I was 14 when the 1967 Riots took place on Burnet Ave, Rockdale Ave and Reading Road.
I stood on the back porch with my mother and watched the National Guard drive up Hickory St. Avondale was forever changed by the 1967 Riots.
Was the change good or bad? According to economics . . . It was time for a change!
I want to challenge the preconceived ideas people have about Avondale.

My first step. . .Started with film at the end of the film roll, I would take photographs of the neighborhood. In college, my first web site project was about Avondale.

Current Events. . .Keeping up with the changes of Avondale's landscape.

Curious ?s asked while videotaping or photographing in areas under construction. . . Did you live in that building, or did you own that building? Have you been offended by us, is that why you are taking photos?

My favorite teacher. . . Mr. R. Tilford, Teacher at Samuel Ach Jr. High School. Mr. Tilford encouraged his students do something for their community. He got me my first summer job, I was in his Five C's Program, Country, city, community, church and character. I did clerical work at Good Samaritan Hospital's 2nd floor Lab's front desk.

My favorite place. . .The Avondale Library. I spent most of my adolescence at the library searching the stacks for books about Egypt.

My next step. . .Editing My Avondale